Is PR Right for You?

Are you currently undecided on your college major? Does that have you panicking about the future? Are you looking for something to read while procrastinating this important decision?

If you answered yes to those questions, this blog is for you! In the following post I will be outlining a few big reasons to choose public relations as your major.

(Seriously, this really is a difficult decision to make. Be sure to take each of these points into careful consideration before deciding.)

What is it?

First and foremost, a simple definition for public relations is that it “builds awareness and credibility for your company, product or service – which is critical for entrepreneurs and small businesses.” Basically, you get to make a brand or company you care about look great. Who wouldn’t want to do that? But wait, there’s more!

You learn to work well with anyone

It teaches you great people skills because most PR classes involve group projects. You will interact with people you may not have otherwise connected with, and in doing so will meet different personalities. Working well with others now will prepare you for working with the various types of people you will meet in your career.

To build on that, a great thing about these group projects is that there are various sets of skills brought to the table. Someone else may compensate for what you feel you lack in writing, while your knack for storytelling shines when it comes time to present your project. Your classmates are one of the greatest gifts you will be given in this major because you balance each other out to work as a team.

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You acquire real skills

Another benefit is the application of information you learn in the classroom. Among other assignments, you will be writing articles, putting together mock case studies and building campaigns and surveys for clients. It is truly helpful to be given these tools because they bring clarity to intimidating or confusing projects.

If you are concerned with your lack of experience (aren’t we all?), Auburn’s PR program requires you to complete an internship for credit before graduation. This provides a chance for you to apply your classwork in a job-like setting and of course, adds to your resume.

Side note: classes overlap with each other. You will absorb information better when it is repeated multiple times, so it is great for sharpening your skills in writing, communication, formatting and grammar. Plus, there is a very limited amount of math involved. Score.

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Career options are plentiful

This field is flourishing right now; every company or individual needs some kind of PR. It is a stable market with a range of options to choose from; career choices vary from firm work to representing a sports team.

Additionally, there is a constant influx of emails with both job and internship opportunities from the internship director. It is an immense help if you are struggling to find options or feel overwhelmed and do not know where to even start looking.

A word of advice

While the world can be a scary place, your life will come together no matter what you choose. Just remember to give PR a fair chance!

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