How Time Flies

Dear Freshman Me,

You don’t know this yet, but freshman year will come to be the greatest year of your life. Enjoy it now and spend every precious moment you can with the people around you in Duncan Hall. Someday they won’t live across the hall, but across town and it will be harder to get together.

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C’est la vie.

Things you should know

Slacking off in the first semester is not a good idea. If you don’t understand something, ask for help. Go to office hours. Professors love students who prove they are in it to win it.

You will be tempted to go out on a Tuesday…yeah, don’t do that. There will always be another party, but you only get one chance at education. I hate to admit it, but mom was right. (Side note: you’ll notice a lot of her habits start to creep into your daily routine. It’s weird.)

Speaking of education, there will come a time when you want to switch your major. Do it. Don’t let anyone else speak for you because this is your future. (Plus, public relations turned out to be the perfect fit.)

When crazy chances come up, go for them (if they don’t interfere with schoolwork). Leaving Connecticut to explore the southern world was a big step. You can’t turn back now, so you might as well throw yourself into any and every fun thing you can.

Wanting to do things over

Trust me, there will be plenty of times you wish you could.

You’re going to wish you didn’t miss out on your first rodeo. But sophomore year will bring another chance, and it will be fantastic.

You’re going to wish you joined more on-campus activities. But you will get a great internship your senior year anyway, despite the shorter resume.

You’re going to wish you didn’t spend so much time on that one guy. But getting over him will lead you to the person you’re supposed to be with. (He’s pretty cute, by the way. I can’t wait for you to meet him junior year.)


These things will happen, and for good reason. Everything works out as it’s supposed to.

Memories to come

Besides, the amazing times will outweigh the bad.

The girls who surround you in the Hill will become your best friends. The future is filled with too many crazy nights to remember. But most will end with all of you laughing so hard you cry. (The times that come to mind are when Aaron Carter comes to Bourbon and Halloween 2014.)

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Spring break 2014 will be the epitome of what a spring break should be: a full week of sun, sand and a drink in your hand. It will probably be one of the best weeks of your life.

Your last birthday on the plains (by the way, when it gets here it won’t feel real) will bring everyone together at your very own apartment for one last time before graduation in May.

But best of all, your friends will become your family and ease even the worst homesickness. Someday, it will be them you’re homesick for.

Until then

Go out and give the world your all. You got this.


Older (and Only a Smidgen Wiser) Me

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