Become Your Own PR Team this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of us are happily planning romantic evenings with the one we love. For others, Valentine’s Day is an obnoxious reminder that they are single and unhappy with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you single and unhappy? Are you vying for the attention of a person you admire from afar? Are you desperate to try anything to get someone to notice you?

Good news, this post is for you!

The goal of public relations is to change the opinions of those around you to become positive towards your product or organization, so that they eventually change their behavior to engage in and support what you stand for.

To do so, public relations firms encourage the use of opinion leaders. An opinion leader is someone who has influence over the public in a topic they are well versed in. Who knows you better than yourself? Become your own opinion leader today!

That being said, all you need to do to get someone to love you is to alter his or her opinion towards you. Then, you will ultimately alter their behavior to get them to ask you out (hopefully before Valentine’s Day)!

Step One:
Be confident and assertive. Try saying “hi” and introducing yourself. Your crush can’t have an opinion of you to begin with if they don’t notice you!

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Step Two:

Compliment them. Even modest people will appreciate the kind words, and this is a simple way to make sure your crush feels good about themself. It also portrays you in a positive light because they will associate you with that confidence boost. The compliment could be as simple as “You look nice today.”

Step Three:
If they have a class with you (or even if not), try to obtain their phone number under the guise of helping them with assignments. You will both have homework buddies, and they’ll think you’re nice for wanting to help them. (Extra tip: it is recommended that you actually know what you’re doing before you offer homework help.)

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Step Four:

Look for a common interest (or more than one) and bring it up to them. It will earn you brownie points and they will think you’re rad. (Extra tip: please don’t lie about your hobbies! Healthy relationships are not based on lies.)

Step Five:

Hang out with them off campus either with friends or without (depending on your comfort level), so you can get to know them. Go out to eat at a casual restaurant or find something inexpensive and fun to do.

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Repeat steps two, four and five as necessary until you think you’re ready enough to ask your crush to be your Valentine. You will be bonding before you know it, and their behavior towards you should become more affectionate (hopefully before Sunday)!

*Note: results will vary.

To conclude, meeting new people and getting to know your crush doesn’t have to be scary! It can be fun, and potentially lead to new dating opportunities. All you have to do is be your own PR team and show your crush how fun you can be!

And if none of these tips work, or they already have a significant other, don’t worry. There’s always next Valentine’s Day to retry these ideas! Your person is out there somewhere looking for you just as you’re looking for them. So enjoy the single life!

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