Vans Warped Tour Announces 2016 Lineup

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Beginning on June 24 in Dallas, Texas, the Vans Warped Tour will start its cross-country journey. Featured artists include 3OH!3, Less Than Jake, The Story So Far, New Found Glory and Yellowcard. The shows will continue until Aug. 13, where the bands will play their final sets in Portland, Oregon.


Warped Tour began in 1995, and in 1996 became known as the Vans Warped tour when Vans became their biggest sponsor. The tour primarily promotes alternative music and has been running every summer since. It is currently the “largest traveling music festival in the United States” as well as the “longest-running touring music festival in North America.”


The bands were announced all at once this year in a change of pace for Vans Warped Tour. But like every other year, some of the big-name bands only play during select times in select locations. For example, Good Charlotte will only be performing July 19-July 28. This year, 41 performances will take place across 30 states, not including the initial show in Anchorage, Alaska, that technically counts as the “Road to Warped.” Tickets do not usually sell out until the day of the shows, with local attendance averages reaching up to 15,000.


  • 2016 is the 21st anniversary of the Warped Tour.
  • General admission tickets are now on sale for $40 each and can be purchased through the Vans Warped Tour website.
  • Some of the more well-known bands include Sum 41, We The Kings, The Maine and Waka Flocka Flame. (In addition to punk rock music, the show also boasts hip hop, pop punk and ska artists.)
  • Musicians such as Blink 182, Katy Perry and Fall Out Boy have all attributed their success to starting out playing at the Warped Tour.
  • Parents get free admission, and there are areas for them to wait for their children (reverse daycare).
  • Backstage passes are given away to the first 100 fans who donate blood to the Music Saves Lives Foundation.

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Fall Out Boy is now one of the most well-known bands in the world.


“It’s more than just music.”


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Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.26.57 PM3OH!3








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How Time Flies

Dear Freshman Me,

You don’t know this yet, but freshman year will come to be the greatest year of your life. Enjoy it now and spend every precious moment you can with the people around you in Duncan Hall. Someday they won’t live across the hall, but across town and it will be harder to get together.

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C’est la vie.

Things you should know

Slacking off in the first semester is not a good idea. If you don’t understand something, ask for help. Go to office hours. Professors love students who prove they are in it to win it.

You will be tempted to go out on a Tuesday…yeah, don’t do that. There will always be another party, but you only get one chance at education. I hate to admit it, but mom was right. (Side note: you’ll notice a lot of her habits start to creep into your daily routine. It’s weird.)

Speaking of education, there will come a time when you want to switch your major. Do it. Don’t let anyone else speak for you because this is your future. (Plus, public relations turned out to be the perfect fit.)

When crazy chances come up, go for them (if they don’t interfere with schoolwork). Leaving Connecticut to explore the southern world was a big step. You can’t turn back now, so you might as well throw yourself into any and every fun thing you can.

Wanting to do things over

Trust me, there will be plenty of times you wish you could.

You’re going to wish you didn’t miss out on your first rodeo. But sophomore year will bring another chance, and it will be fantastic.

You’re going to wish you joined more on-campus activities. But you will get a great internship your senior year anyway, despite the shorter resume.

You’re going to wish you didn’t spend so much time on that one guy. But getting over him will lead you to the person you’re supposed to be with. (He’s pretty cute, by the way. I can’t wait for you to meet him junior year.)


These things will happen, and for good reason. Everything works out as it’s supposed to.

Memories to come

Besides, the amazing times will outweigh the bad.

The girls who surround you in the Hill will become your best friends. The future is filled with too many crazy nights to remember. But most will end with all of you laughing so hard you cry. (The times that come to mind are when Aaron Carter comes to Bourbon and Halloween 2014.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.46.37 PM

Spring break 2014 will be the epitome of what a spring break should be: a full week of sun, sand and a drink in your hand. It will probably be one of the best weeks of your life.

Your last birthday on the plains (by the way, when it gets here it won’t feel real) will bring everyone together at your very own apartment for one last time before graduation in May.

But best of all, your friends will become your family and ease even the worst homesickness. Someday, it will be them you’re homesick for.

Until then

Go out and give the world your all. You got this.


Older (and Only a Smidgen Wiser) Me

Is PR Right for You?

Are you currently undecided on your college major? Does that have you panicking about the future? Are you looking for something to read while procrastinating this important decision?

If you answered yes to those questions, this blog is for you! In the following post I will be outlining a few big reasons to choose public relations as your major.

(Seriously, this really is a difficult decision to make. Be sure to take each of these points into careful consideration before deciding.)

What is it?

First and foremost, a simple definition for public relations is that it “builds awareness and credibility for your company, product or service – which is critical for entrepreneurs and small businesses.” Basically, you get to make a brand or company you care about look great. Who wouldn’t want to do that? But wait, there’s more!

You learn to work well with anyone

It teaches you great people skills because most PR classes involve group projects. You will interact with people you may not have otherwise connected with, and in doing so will meet different personalities. Working well with others now will prepare you for working with the various types of people you will meet in your career.

To build on that, a great thing about these group projects is that there are various sets of skills brought to the table. Someone else may compensate for what you feel you lack in writing, while your knack for storytelling shines when it comes time to present your project. Your classmates are one of the greatest gifts you will be given in this major because you balance each other out to work as a team.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.06.51 PM

You acquire real skills

Another benefit is the application of information you learn in the classroom. Among other assignments, you will be writing articles, putting together mock case studies and building campaigns and surveys for clients. It is truly helpful to be given these tools because they bring clarity to intimidating or confusing projects.

If you are concerned with your lack of experience (aren’t we all?), Auburn’s PR program requires you to complete an internship for credit before graduation. This provides a chance for you to apply your classwork in a job-like setting and of course, adds to your resume.

Side note: classes overlap with each other. You will absorb information better when it is repeated multiple times, so it is great for sharpening your skills in writing, communication, formatting and grammar. Plus, there is a very limited amount of math involved. Score.

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Career options are plentiful

This field is flourishing right now; every company or individual needs some kind of PR. It is a stable market with a range of options to choose from; career choices vary from firm work to representing a sports team.

Additionally, there is a constant influx of emails with both job and internship opportunities from the internship director. It is an immense help if you are struggling to find options or feel overwhelmed and do not know where to even start looking.

A word of advice

While the world can be a scary place, your life will come together no matter what you choose. Just remember to give PR a fair chance!

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Spring Break 2016 Plan

School is annoying. One might even call it a problem. It stresses us out, keeps us up until incredibly late hours and costs an ungodly amount. Fortunately, a few times a year we students get a chance to ditch this routine to address the problem as we see fit. The vacation closest to us now is spring break.

And it is my last spring break.Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.06.31 PM

How did this happen? Yesterday I was a freshman learning my way around campus and today I am a senior searching for jobs. Alas, all good things must come to an end. And what better way to end than go out with a bang?

My plan is to venture to the faraway land where my boyfriend has a lake house: Scottsboro, Alabama. Since it is my first time in about two months getting away from the responsibilities of classes and internship, my main goal is to ensure a stress-free week for myself. (I am my own audience; my friends and boyfriend are on their own.)

Specifically, my objectives to meet this goal are:

1. To darken my skin tone by (but not exceeding) 50%

2. To obtain and finish at least one handle of vodka

3. To have at least five good stories to tell

To meet goals and objectives, one must also have strategies in place. My strategies include: laying out in the sun for extended periods of time, rationing my stockpile of alcohol and having a good time with my friends.

What strategies are complete without tactics?

We will be at the lake for about seven days, most of which will be sunny an
d clear. So every day for at least 6 hours I will be out in the sun on the pontoon boat. (But I won’t forget the sunscreen.

In addition to that I will make sure to go to the cheapest liquor store I can find before I leave, and only drink enough every day to be pleasantly (not dangerously- been there and it is NOT fun) buzzed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.59.56 PM

Finally, I will bring card games for days when we stay at the house, along with cute outfits and my dancing shoes for when we go to the bars in town at night. I will also be sure to take at least 100 photos of the week.

Last year I was able to successfully reach a similar goal at the same location, with only a few minor setbacks including a few hangovers from hell and a sprained ankle.

But this year I am fully prepared to take on any obstacles that may get in my way. I will be bringing appropriate footwear, a ton of ibuprofen and plenty of water. (It’s better to have a proactive crisis plan than a reactive one.)

So I guess my bang will be a little bit muted compared to others’, but all I want for my final spring break is to hang out with my friends and make memories that last a lifetime.

Cheers to all my senior friends in the same situation- let’s make it a good one!

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Become Your Own PR Team this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of us are happily planning romantic evenings with the one we love. For others, Valentine’s Day is an obnoxious reminder that they are single and unhappy with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you single and unhappy? Are you vying for the attention of a person you admire from afar? Are you desperate to try anything to get someone to notice you?

Good news, this post is for you!

The goal of public relations is to change the opinions of those around you to become positive towards your product or organization, so that they eventually change their behavior to engage in and support what you stand for.

To do so, public relations firms encourage the use of opinion leaders. An opinion leader is someone who has influence over the public in a topic they are well versed in. Who knows you better than yourself? Become your own opinion leader today!

That being said, all you need to do to get someone to love you is to alter his or her opinion towards you. Then, you will ultimately alter their behavior to get them to ask you out (hopefully before Valentine’s Day)!

Step One:
Be confident and assertive. Try saying “hi” and introducing yourself. Your crush can’t have an opinion of you to begin with if they don’t notice you!

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.39.50 PM

Step Two:

Compliment them. Even modest people will appreciate the kind words, and this is a simple way to make sure your crush feels good about themself. It also portrays you in a positive light because they will associate you with that confidence boost. The compliment could be as simple as “You look nice today.”

Step Three:
If they have a class with you (or even if not), try to obtain their phone number under the guise of helping them with assignments. You will both have homework buddies, and they’ll think you’re nice for wanting to help them. (Extra tip: it is recommended that you actually know what you’re doing before you offer homework help.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.41.49 PM

Step Four:

Look for a common interest (or more than one) and bring it up to them. It will earn you brownie points and they will think you’re rad. (Extra tip: please don’t lie about your hobbies! Healthy relationships are not based on lies.)

Step Five:

Hang out with them off campus either with friends or without (depending on your comfort level), so you can get to know them. Go out to eat at a casual restaurant or find something inexpensive and fun to do.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.42.35 PM

Repeat steps two, four and five as necessary until you think you’re ready enough to ask your crush to be your Valentine. You will be bonding before you know it, and their behavior towards you should become more affectionate (hopefully before Sunday)!

*Note: results will vary.

To conclude, meeting new people and getting to know your crush doesn’t have to be scary! It can be fun, and potentially lead to new dating opportunities. All you have to do is be your own PR team and show your crush how fun you can be!

And if none of these tips work, or they already have a significant other, don’t worry. There’s always next Valentine’s Day to retry these ideas! Your person is out there somewhere looking for you just as you’re looking for them. So enjoy the single life!

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